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      Reusch Maalivahdin Hanskat Argos SG Finger Support Junior

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      Reusch Maalivahdin Hanskat Argos SG Finger Support Junior

      Reusch Argos SG Finger Support goalkeepers glove for kids is built up around the Expanse Cut, which is characteristicly made with stitching on the outisde, which helps the gloves catching ability. The area designed to receive the ball is maximised to make catching the ball easier.

      The gloves SG - Soft Grip latex excels when it comes to quality and has an incredibly soft surface, which makes it ideal for inexperienced goalkeepers.

      The close function is based around a elastic band, which ensures optimal fit, as well as supporting and protecting.

      Argos SG has Reusch's Finger Support technology. The technology is a lighter version of the brands well known protection technology. Finger Support gives a close grip around the fingers and helps stabilise them.